Abe Estrada

TIL: How to copy html in JavaScript

await navigator.clipboard.write([
  new ClipboardItem({
    ["text/plain"]: new Blob([element.innerText], { type: "text/plain" }),
    ["text/html"]: new Blob([element.innerHTML], { type: "text/html" }),

πŸ”— Cloudpilot β†’

A PalmOS emulator for the web

πŸ”— Tailscale VPN Exit Node β†’

πŸ”— SSH Problems After MacOS 13 Ventura Upgrade β†’

The reason for this issue is that MacOS 13 ships with OpenSSH_9.0p1 which has disabled RSA signatures on SHA-1 hash algorithms. If upgrading OpenSSH on the server and/or regenerating your SSH key isn’t an option you can workaround this issue by adding the following to your ~/.ssh/config file