Abe Estrada

Dark mode all the things! #iOS13

Now I don’t like all the apps that are white or doesn’t have dark mode support

I’m using Laravel for a project, it is like learning a new language

While learning DynamoDB, after a ton of tutorials and documentation, the moment it made click was when I saw the next table in the AWS SDK source code:

|             JavaScript Type           | DynamoDB AttributeValue |
| String                                | S                       |
| Number                                | N                       |
| Boolean                               | BOOL                    |
| null                                  | NULL                    |
| Array                                 | L                       |
| Object                                | M                       |
| Buffer, File, Blob, ArrayBuffer,      | B                       |
| DataView, and JavaScript typed arrays |                         |

Green tea

Green tea

Green tea

I like AWS Amplify but it adds 1MB of code just to read an S3 file 😔

Scribd is a better and cheaper option than Apple News+