Abe Estrada

I’m going to see how long I can keep using macOS Natural Scrolling

A lot of people is speculating about the future Apple Mac computers are going to have a touchscreen because the design on macOS Big Sur, but after watching the Design for the iPadOS pointer session is pretty clear that they’re going to change the cursor on a future macOS release.

TIL about renameutils and this little trick in bash to mv files without typing the full name twice:

$ mv photo/2020/01/01/{IMG,img}0001.jpeg

Source: namsral

Show duplicate lines in a file:

sort <FILENAME> | uniq -c | grep -v '^ *1 '

I’m going to give Notion a try. I’m going to use it to save interesting links that I want to remember and for a school class.

Today I used AWS Lambda Layers and it’s a game changer, they make it so easy to add versioned dependencies

Testing Snowpack, right now is a no go until all the packages have ESM support.