Abe Estrada

Scribd is a better and cheaper option than Apple News+

The last time I used a git GUI was in 2012, it was Gitbox, now I’m giving Sublime Merge a chance

My favorite coffee place

Juaritoz Café

Juaritoz Café

TIL: If you remove the A record from the DNS settings, you can’t receive emails.

I created a function to build my website when a commit is received, now I have to find an easy way to upload images

My first try using iA Writer to create/edit files and Working Copy to push the changes to the cloud from iOS 📱

Haciendo pruebas desde el teléfono, utilizando Working Copy

Adiós a Netlify, soy muy fan, pero me fallarón al no darle soporte a hugo extended, mejor hice mi propia implementación de CI con AWS CodeCommit + CodeBuild + S3 + CloudFront. Poco a poco voy a empezar a sacar mis páginas de Netlify.

Siempre que intento hacer algo en AWS termino utilizando Up