Abe Estrada

🔗 Lucidchart →

En los últimos días he estado utilizando Lucidchart y es una solución que me ha permitido crear diagramas de arquitectura de sistemas fácilmente, aunque no he utilizado toda su funcionalidad, he podido disenar de una manera gráfica la estructura de algunos sitios web, totalmente recomendable.

Today I used AWS Lambda Layers and it’s a game changer, they make it so easy to add versioned dependencies

I like AWS Amplify, but the size of the build was too big, TIL that they have modular imports, and I was able to reduce the size 2MB, while I wait for AWS SDK v3


import { Auth } from "aws-amplify";

After (better):

import Auth from "@aws-amplify/auth";

While learning DynamoDB, after a ton of tutorials and documentation, the moment it made click was when I saw the next table in the AWS SDK source code:

|             JavaScript Type           | DynamoDB AttributeValue |
| String                                | S                       |
| Number                                | N                       |
| Boolean                               | BOOL                    |
| null                                  | NULL                    |
| Array                                 | L                       |
| Object                                | M                       |
| Buffer, File, Blob, ArrayBuffer,      | B                       |
| DataView, and JavaScript typed arrays |                         |

🔗 AWS S3 Path Style API →

TL;DR Hay que cambiar los enlaces de s3.amazonaws.com/<bucketname>/key a <bucketname>.s3.amazonaws.com/key antes del 30 de Septiembre del 2020.